Assignment Seven.

Letter to yourself.


I found this website earlier this month: . I thought about the benefits of 24 year old me writing to 34 year old me or 44 year old me. Would I find solace in the way I was living my life at that time? Would I be nostalgic for a simpler time? Would I be proud of my accomplishments? I find that as I get older I have a harder time remembering the best moments or what was really important to me at that second in my life. College is a blur and I wish I would have sat down, at least on a yearly basis, and reflected on the last 365 days.

I wouldn’t encourage writers to use the online option for this assignment. I would say it would serve you best to sit down at a table and hand write yourself a letter.

First Paragraph: Describe yourself both physically and emotionally. Describe your job. Describe your home. Describe your day to day activities. Do not use emotions or feeling in these descriptions. Just stick to the facts. Paint a clear image of exactly where you are.

Second Paragraph: What do you love about yourself? This is the time to get detailed. Who do you love in your life? Why do you love them? What benefit do these relationships have? This portion is meant to serve as a gratitude section. Be thankful for these things.

Third Paragraph: What has been your greatest accomplishment this year?
What has been your biggest struggle? What are your goals for next year?

Save the letter. Revisit it from time to time. Feel free to scan it and post it here. Also, write a new letter every year. It will strengthen your future and allow you to reflect on your past.


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