The Giver.

The Giver. 

This blog is going to serve as a vessel for me to revisit some of my great childhood literary loves. The giver was one of these loves. For todays reading assignment I would like you to take a peek back into this fantastic text.

My first experience with this book was all the fault of my baby brother. It was around the time he first found out he had a learning disability. He was pretty unmotivated in school. I remember most days he would come home upset after school. He didn’t want to read. He didn’t want to write. He sat at the table and looked at the piles in front of him. I remember taking him away from those piles and sitting up in his bedroom. We would have our backs against the wall and our feet hanging off the bed. He was assigned the book The Giver. The book made a wonderful impact on him. Mostly, because we were reading the text together. No matter how old a child is, it is my experience that they genuinely enjoy reading with others.

I feel so lucky that I have a weekly club now that allows me to explore, through the act of reading, major themes and life issues. We are exploring as a community and there is no better way to learn.

the giver.


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