Philly Girls Read: Field Trip Edition.



I just wanted to share some photos from our field trip before spring break! Amazingly enough, all of the girls showed up to our final session. We were able to go on a quick walk to Plays and Players Theater. When we arrived the artistic director Daniel Student gave us a tour of the outside of the building. The girls were entranced by the old architecture and images of children that covered the top of the building. Daniel did a fantastic job of incorporating the aesthetic elements of the building with its rich history. He made the connection between girl power and the theater as he explained to us that Plays and Players has a history of being run by women. We were given tours of the theater, murals, the box office, dressings rooms, and backstage. Daniel also took the girls to the black box where he discussed the importance of staging, lighting, and costume. He engaged the girls in a Q&A about what they already knew about playsWe discussed ways we can help fundraise for this theater. As a group we will be creating a video and a website to collect donations. These donations will be used for renovations on historic murals, the library, and overall maintenance for the building. 

If you would like to make your own donation, click here! 


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