Philly Girls Blog!


Yesterday I had to reschedule our normal club meeting time. I am leaving for California on Thursday at 5:30am. Two of my dedicated Philly Girls decided to stay and help me out with our National Poetry Month project. They read their favorite poems in their favorite places at ICS. (I will need to edit these videos as there were MANY bloopers…)

Teacher gets hit with basketball. from corey michener on Vimeo.

IMG_1841 IMG_1843

They also helped me cut out poems to give out next week for Poem in Your Pocket Day.


The girls asked to share some insight on the blog. Meet two of our Philly Girls Read: 

“We’re super silly, makayla loves snack like nobody else in the world. I completely forgot about club today. but i’m glad i remembered, because i have had many great laughs. i don’t know why we call ourselves philly girls READ, because sometimes we don’t read at all. But we do read! we read, read, read! Anne Frank is still trapped in the annex. What if we were stuck in the annex???” (eye twitches) – Jules

“I love philly girls read. it is so fun like jules said we are very funny. i love it so much i wish i could come back next year. by-by.” -Colette


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