Advocate for : Healthy Living

In December, students met with Chestnut Hill assistant women’s lacrosse coach, Lindsey Colferai. For the first half of our meeting we were engaged in a discussion on the importance of athletics, being a part of a team, and maintaining a healthy diet.They listened as she explained the impact lacrosse had on her growing up. It gave her a sense of direction as well as structure. It also allowed for her to help pay for her college education and travel around the united states. Now she has made a career out of coaching and mentoring her players.

It was wonderful to see the girls considering a variety of sports as a new hobby. The girls were starting to view athletics in a new light . They also gained a new understanding of  how being active can further their education and positively influence their health.

Coach Colferai stayed and read with the girls for the rest of the meeting! The girls enjoyed the company and were exemplary ICS citizens. Maybe we will try to support the Chestnut Hill Griffins at an upcoming game this season. Thank you again Lindsey.


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