Happy Earth Day, Ya’ll!

I can’t believe how fast April has gone by. The girls have been extremely accommodating this month as I traveled to California and had to switch up our schedule. We are still trying to close up Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and I believe after our next session we will reach that goal.  We created a graphic organizer to help us look at the book in 10 parts. We are reviewing major themes, characters, and plot elements. We will begin Sold this week and the girls will be able to read this book as part of their 100 book challenge. Hopefully this expedites our reading process!

April was National Poetry Month and the girls participated in reading their favorite poems. These poems were recorded during one of our meetings and posted on the blog last week. The girls also handed out poems in center city for Poem in Your Pocket Day. It was wonderful to see strangers smile at the gesture. This month we also got published in Philadelphia Stories, Jr. I will be attending a reading in Chestnut Hill and will beam with pride as the girls read their work.

It is fitting that this update falls on Earth Day. A program called Turning Points For Children has offered us a community garden space for the rest of the summer. We will be filling the raised beds with soil this week and moving forward with planting. I am so enthused to have this opportunity so close to our school. I recently moved to a smaller apartment and no longer have a back yard to grow my own veggies and herbs in. I hope the girls are inspired by this urban farming and create a green space of their own at home.

philadelphia garden.


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