Talk But Don’t Actually Say Anything: Writing Curriculum Around Social Media.

Social-Street-Art-Parody-TwitterToday I embark on my first steps in writing original curriculum for a possible Mighty Writers course and for my summer school teaching experience. I will write a curriculum focusing as social media as a broader theme for reading, writing, and thinking. We use applications every day to express ourselves creatively and artistically, but what are we really saying?

This morning I designed 5 writing exercises relating to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and GroupMe. Each activity focuses on the root of what these programs give us. Why do we download them? Why do we use them? What is the attraction? These activities challenge students to apply concepts of social media to an unplugged world. We will attempt to answer the following essential questions:

  •  How would you create personal reflections in 125 characters or less if they were not immediately posted online?
  • How could you express the timeline of your life in a format that is not accessible to the world on Facebook?
  • Can you tell a story through only dialogue in a format similar to GroupMe?
  • Is there a way to describe a landscape with your words rather than with Amaro, Mayfair, and Rise?

We will attempt to answer these questions and detox our minds  in this course. Our attention spans are stunted. We need to retrain ourselves as learners.


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