Keep Schools Open.


Although I feel somewhat uninformed on many issues plaguing the Philadelphia School District, I maintain the belief that closing schools is not the answer.

I woke up this morning to hear that two schools that I have had teaching experiences with will remain open for the upcoming school year. I can’t imagine the relief parents and students must be feeling. I worked our schools lottery this year and saw firsthand the defeated looks on parents faces when their child’s name was not called. I was also able to see the relief and pure joy of a parent who heard the word “accepted” that evening. We were able to exchange hugs and tears. That single response seemed to make the entire process worth it.

Here is some more information regarding individual proposals by the Philadelphia School District:

I admire all who are involved in this process. It will take a great deal of work, but it is surely worth keeping schools and education readily available to the community that surrounds them.


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