Welcome to my adventures in literacy and blogging!

I graduated from Temple University in the spring of 2011. I have a degree in Secondary Education. I am certified to teach 9th-12th grade English.

Over the last few years I volunteered and fell in love with Tree House Books. I spent a year working with Philly Girls Read and two years at Independence Charter School. I spent a summer working at Girard College with a wonderful program called Dream Camp. I currently am in my second year teaching at YESPhilly High School and also volunteer with Mighty Writers.

I hope that this website creates a safe environment for my students to explore new texts and new ways to write about them.


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey there! You started following my blog so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi.” I think it’s wonderful that you’re inspiring children to read. When I was in the 6th grade, my teacher read ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ to my class. I’m so glad she did, because it got me hooked on reading. Anyway, I’m curious about what prompted you to follow my blog. Are you vegan, vegetarian or following a plant-based diet?

  2. I follow a mostly vegetarian diet, with the occasional bacon cheat. I thought your blog would help me as I plan to teach the girls about advocacy for a healthy diet and plant based foods. We are getting a community garden within the next few weeks and I’m hoping to teach them a little about gardening and eating what you grow.

    • That’s great that you’re mostly vegetarian, and if you’re going to cheat it might as well be on bacon! I’m excited to hear that you’re going to be involved with a community garden and teaching about a plant-based diet. We develop our eating habits when we’re young, and it’s hard to change them once they’re established. And kids today are so bombarded by junk food that it’s hard for them not to develop unhealthy habits. If there’s anything especially fun or exciting that you’re doing, let me know and maybe I can post pictures of it on my blog. I’m sure the kiddo’s would get a kick out seeing something they were involved with on a blog.

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