The Writing Teacher.

I usually don’t give any context, but I feel this one needs a little.

Someone very important to me gave me a book on Friday. I was having a terrible week at work. It was similar to a grocery store experience, one where you have too many bags and not enough arms. You try your best to lace the plastic handles around each finger… and somehow you still have to climb a flight of stairs to your apartment. Eventually something will rip. Eventually something will break. – She gave me a book called Live & Learn: Perspectives on the Questing Spirit. It hit me like a rock that I need to ground myself in the way I teach. Education and spirituality can be a synonymous experience. This is from Part I: The Spirit Adventurous.

the writing teacher

The Writing Teacher
By Lynn Valente

She sits in a large
flowered chair, our queen
of impossibility.

She brings out the box
of matches she has gathered
all week for us. We

bring our paper, hold it
to her light. The air
crackles with depression,

the cat’s fur begins to rise.
What else have we
brought? We ourselves
are last to know.
We lean forward
to see- all our huge fires.
hoping to be bright.


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