Susan Ewart, Teacher, Northeast High School


It hurts to see people I know on this blog. Reach out. Make calls. Attend protests. Do whatever you can to help keep these wonderful people in the Philadelphia education system.

Faces of The Layoffs

Susan Ewart works in a small  9th grade  learning community who are “at risk” for dropping out of school.

Help save Ms. Ewart’s job with one phone call. Take a minute to contact our elected officials. Check out our full list of people to call plus talking points. Or, here’s one city council member you can reach right now — they’re voting on funding this week:

Councilman David Oh
City Hall, Room 319
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3290
(215) 686-3452 / (215) 686-3453
Twitter: @Davidoh91 use hash tag #fullfairfunding

Tell Councilman Oh to support funding for our schools, beginning with the Quinones Sanchez bill for use and occupancy tax reform.

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