It’s gonna be MAY.

soldHello, Hello, Hello,
I hope you all understood the fantastic N’Sync reference in the header. If not, I feel very sorry for you.

May is looking like a fun month for our Philly Girls Read program. We just started a new novel, Sold. So far it seems a bit heavy thematically, but the style is so beautiful that I am finding it hard to put down. It reads like a poetry memoir, soft and simple.

We will start our community garden soon. I asked the girls to remember to bring some old clothes with them so we can lay down the soil within the next week or two.

We were also asked to help with a commercial about sustainability. This relates to our conversations about advocacy for the environment. If they choose to participate, the girls will be asked questions such as:

1.    What does being sustainable mean to you?
2.    If you could do anything, what would you do to help make the world we live in a 
greener one?
3.    Do you have any recycling/green-living rules in your house?
4.    What does being hygienic mean to you?
5.    What do you think are the most important things to do to be healthy?

I can’t wait to hear their responses!


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