He Came Back.

read, now

If you study this picture closely, you will see me. I’m in the top right corner. I am sitting in the  kids Treehouse at Treehouse Books in North Philadelphia. I am holding a tutoring book against a plexiglass wall. I am poking my head out and yelling questions to my friend below.

The little boy on the floor is my friend from previous posts. He returned to the Read, Now program with the same defiance as he held in previous weeks. The volunteer coordinator snapped this photograph when she came to check up on us. My student completed 8 pages of a lesson after he swore he would only stay for 1. He also played hide and seek for the first 23 minutes he was in the building. I’m a champion at hide and seek and terrified him on at least three occasions.

When the dust finally settled and we got to work, this child showed me that he was capable of completing exactly what I put in front of him. Again, after a difficult week of job hunting and feeling unsuccessful in my teaching element, this child restored my faith in both reading and education. Sometimes it’s not about the time you spend at the front of the class, but the time you spend playing that makes the difference.


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