Assignment 15.

Assignment 15.
Color Poem Templates.


(selected color) is….
(selected color) tastest like…
(selected color) smells like…
(selected color) sounds like…
(selected color) feels like…
(selected color) looks like…
(selected color) is….
Here are some excerpts from the Philly Girls Read meeting yesterday.


Blue is happy. Pink is girly. Gray is sad. Purple is weird. Red is cherry. Purple is grapes. Blue is mad. Green is grass. Yellow is Jello. Red tastes like cherry. Brown smells like chocolate. Yellow sounds like Jello. Brown feels like brownies. Red looks like blood. Red makes me smile. Blue is the best. Black is scary. Red is bloody. Purple is weird. Red tastes like blood. Pink smells like cupcakes. Black sounds like gorillas. Gray feels like donkeys. Brown looks like brownies. Green makes me throw up. Red is bloody. Blue is the sky. Silver is sparkly. Green is a witch. Red tastes like salsa. Purple sounds like a turtle. Pink feels like suffocating. Gold looks like a trophy. Pink makes me throw up. Dark green is jacked up. Turquoise is cute. Black is dark. Purple is sassy. Blue is sad. Pink tastes sweet. Grey sounds like crunch. Brown feels awful. Green looks like a turtle. Grey makes me feel dizzy. Gold is awesome. Pink is loud. Red is haunted. Pink is loud. Pink is loud. Yellow tastes like cheese. Orange sounds like water. Pink feels like a blanket. Red looks like Tr. Corey. Pink makes me happy. Pink is loud. Blue is sad. Purple is weird. Pink is girly. Orange is yummy. Orange tastes like cheddar. Yellow smells like hair. Red sounds like running. Black feels like a backpack. Gold looks like animals. Blue makes me weird. Blue is sad. Pink is girly. Violet is weird. Red is mad. Red tastes like apple. Blue smells like fresh air. Yellow looks like a smile.



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