Assignment Twelve.


Perspective Writing.

Sometimes it’s good to look at life through another lens, to see something from another viewpoint. I think I struggle with this from time to time. I get caught up in my own stresses and weights that I don’t focus on empathy and support.

Today I would like you to attempt to write from three various perspectives:
1. Write from the viewpoint of a waitress, a customer, and the table the meal is served on.
2 Write from the viewpoint of a teacher, a student, the chalkboard that is written on.
3. Write from the view of a homeless person, a man walking by, the food in a nearby store window.

These are just random examples. Try your own. Try to keep the story as similar as possible. Even if this is just written as three paragraphs, three sentences, the shift in viewpoint will make for some fantastic writing.


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