Assignment Three.

Paint Chip Poetry.

vintage paint chips.

For this writing assignment you are going to have to take a little field trip. Go to a local hardware store and pick up as many paint chips as you can. Have you ever really looked at the names of colors on paint chips? Golden Moon, Aqua Dance, Crushed Oregano… They are usually so creative and detailed. Usually when I read a few paint chip titles my memory takes me back to a moment in my childhood or reminds me of a room in my grandparents house or a color of upholstery on the seat of a car.  For this assignment you will be using paint chips to create a poem!

Here is the format you should start with for your first attempt:

[Paint color’s name] is the color of __________________
I remember __________________
and how it felt to__________________
I can still hear__________________
I can still see __________________
I miss__________________
[Paint color’s name] is the color of __________________

Another option for this assignment is to write a word on each color. Cut the words out and place all of the paint chip words into a brown paper bag. Without looking, choose 10-15 words from the bag and assemble a paint chip poem in front of you.

You can also use the colors to simply stir up old memories. What does Pine Green mean to you? When you look at this color where does your mind immediately take you?

paint chips.


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